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“Using EnerAllies’ technology allowed us to easily manage balancing comfort and energy savings – without requiring a lot of our time.”

Stan Kramer, CEO of the Qdoba Oregon Group


Software-centric approach saves time, money and headaches


With retail and restaurant chains experiencing fixed or rising costs for the majority of their operating expenses, options for improving profitability are limited. At the same time, the most leveraged area for bottom line enhancement is largely ignored: better HVAC management. Significant savings are available by reducing HVAC usage and minimizing repair costs.

In contrast to traditional hardware-centric solutions, which are expensive and require significant hands-on effort to manage, EnerAllies’ software-centric HVAC Management and Optimization solution gets results at a fraction of the cost with no upfront investment required. It is also the easiest way to capture those low-hanging dollars as the service can be managed remotely enabling staff to stay focused on their primary jobs.


Localized schedules for each site are downloaded daily to ensure optimal set points and to minimize waste – average cost savings are 20%-30% annually


Early Warning System™ with actionable intelligence ensures your team gets a heads-up on potential RTU problems before they become catastrophic


Unique Feels Like™ indoor climate management helps deliver a comfortable customer experience using geographic location, weather patterns and season.


Remote management and monitoring services streamline things for you, so you can take them off your to-do list – all as part of your subscription.



Our solution takes the burden off your management team and employees by providing multi-site, remote thermostat management with simple automated controls.

• Our Virtual Energy Manager cloud-based software gives you the flexibility to manage and optimize your HVAC systems, including customizing temperature settings at local sites.

• Our subscription service means client support is built-in. We don’t nickel-and-dime you when you need support.  

• Our implementation is simple, fast and will not disrupt your business.


• Our Early Warning System for HVAC degradation helps prevent costly catastrophic failures with weekly outlier reports highlighting emerging HVAC maintenance issues, enabling you to be proactive in fixing problems.

• There’s no need to train up as analytics experts to figure out how to optimize your HVAC systems. We identify the key patterns across all of our customers’ data to share actionable insights with you. We provide a high degree of data granularity when there’s a problem, but otherwise your staff won’t have to spend time sifting through your data.

• Unlike industry-standard static schedules, we offer customized comfort for your customers and employees. Our systems automatically adjust to a “feels-like” temperature no matter how the weather changes outside.

Immediate Payback

• Clients see a 2x payback in under a year and reduce HVAC costs 20-30% annually.

• Requires minimal to zero up-front costs to implement.

• Unlike hardware-heavy solutions with complex installations and upgrade headaches that carry the risk of obsolescence, our solution is hardware-light and software-centric.

Pay it forward – companies using EnerAllies demonstrate to their customers that the environment matters. EnerAllies customers contribute an average carbon offset of 5 tons of CO2 emissions per site per year from reduced energy consumption.


We understand retail and restaurants


EnerAllies has spent hundreds of hours with franchise owners, corporate operations teams and facilities managers to better understand their businesses, discuss their HVAC challenges and deploy solutions. We know that multi-site restaurant and small-box retail operators typically don’t have energy management systems or equipment monitoring services because they’re too expensive to justify and too costly for your team to manage.

Every customer discussion repeats the same set of challenges – that the team is stretched thin and there’s no extra capacity to learn and manage a new system. HVAC management isn’t core to your business and it’s often a black hole with little data or visibility to know if something is truly wrong with a roof-top unit and whether it justifies repairs.

Our solution changes the economic equation


EnerAllies brings the industry’s only software-centric approach to HVAC management – changing the entire economic equation and making the system a financial no-brainer. Customers get a 2x payback in under a year. More than that, EnerAllies simplifies your life by operating the system for you. Set points are automatically updated daily at each site as temperatures and seasons change – saving money and optimizing customer comfort.

Valuable monitoring services notify management of potential equipment degradation helping avoid replacement of a $10,000 roof-top unit. EnerAllies has partnered with leading customer brands to save them money, avoid equipment problems and reduce management headaches. Please contact us to see how we can help your business.

Help change the environmental equation


EnerAllies’ solution helps our planet battle climate change. We are inspired to see our service contribute to reducing our customers’ carbon footprint at a rate of roughly 5 tons per site per year. Every bit helps.


2.RobRob Keil is CEO and co-founder of EnerAllies. He also serves as a Board member of the company. Rob has a 20-year track record as a successful executive in technology companies, serving in CEO, product management, marketing, and business development roles.

Prior to EnerAllies, Rob served as VP of Product Management at Silver Spring Networks, a leading Internet of Things & Smart Grid supplier to utilities. Rob had responsibility for Network Infrastructure and Distribution Automation, with product lines including SaaS-based software, wireless routers, and next-generation hardware.

Previously, Rob was the founding CEO of Hammerhead Systems, a networking equipment start-up funded by blue-chip Silicon Valley venture capital firms including Foundation Capital and the Mayfield Fund. At Hammerhead Rob served as both the CEO and the VP Marketing/Business Development, where he spearheaded fundraising for over $50M in venture capital and led the company in major deals with Verizon Business, Fujitsu, Savvis, & Covad. Rob incubated the idea for Hammerhead while he was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Foundation Capital.

Previously, Rob served as the VP Marketing for Zaffire, an optical networking start-up backed by Kleiner Perkins and Juniper Networks. Rob came to Zaffire from Cisco Systems, where he was a Senior Group Manager leading the product management and launch of products that became a $1B product line. Previously, Rob served as Group Manager, Product Planning at StrataCom, where he led their Internet product strategy. Earlier in his career, Rob was an investment professional at Bain Capital and a strategy consultant at Bain.

Rob holds an MBA from Harvard and a BS in Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


Steve Maruyama is VP, Engineering & Customer Operations and Co-founder of EnerAllies. He also serves as a Board member of the company. Steve has a 30-year track record as a successful engineering leader for technology companies, and has built world-class development teams from scratch in three different start-ups.

Prior to EnerAllies, Steve consulted for Cisco Systems’ Video Business Unit, where he focused on transforming organizational and product development processes.

Previously Steve was VP of Software at Hammerhead Systems, a networking equipment start-up. Steve was also Co-founder and VP, Engineering, for Silver Peak Systems, where he built the engineering team and led product development from conception to general availability.

Earlier in his career, Steve was Senior Group Manager at Cisco and StrataCom. Steve managed major product deliverables to customers such as AT&T, British Telecom, and MCI/WorldCom, for strategic projects in big data collection and analytics.

Steve holds a BA in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara.


sam_biopicSam Klepper is VP Sales & Marketing of EnerAllies. He is an accomplished technology executive with marketing, sales and executive leadership experience in both startups and large companies. His specialty is creating and commercializing game-changing software and connected hardware products in tech, energy and IoT. 

He is former President and CEO of Lavante, a leader in SaaS supplier management solutions serving mid-market and enterprise businesses. As GM, CMO and interim CEO at eMeter, a smart grid enterprise software company, Sam led the creation of a new product line and transformed company positioning as a prelude to a successful acquisition by Siemens. As CMO for Redwood Systems, a lighting controls and IoT provider for corporate data centers and offices, he helped the company grow revenues 15x over two years by verticalizing the go-to-market approach and monetizing sensors with subscription applications.

Sam was also part of the team that grew WebTV Networks recurring revenues from $0 to $200M. After it was bought by Microsoft, he became senior director of sales and marketing and was later promoted to GM responsible for a $500M portfolio of MSN online subscription businesses. At Intuit, prior to its IPO, Sam started what became the Business Products Group with the creation of QuickBooks and line extensions that helped it reach $55M in revenue in its first 5 years. Sam began his career with the management consulting firm, Bain & Company. He has a B.A. magna cum laude from Harvard University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.


jblyonJ.B. Lyon serves as a Board member for EnerAllies. J.B. manages his family office, Mount Independence Investments, which primarily invests growth capital in B2B service businesses focused on SaaS, the elderly sector and energy.  Mount Independence also invests in commercial real estate.  J.B. helped to create and manage two private equity firms: ZBI Ventures and Vision Media Investors, which focused investments in energy and media, respectively.

Prior to this, he was Vice President of Business Development for Staples, Inc. and Vice President of Operations for Staples Business Delivery unit. During his eight year tenure at Staples, J.B. led the launch of the site, for which he wrote the business plan, led the development of the site, and served in marketing and operations positions.

Prior to joining Staples, J.B. co-founded and managed Uncle Dave’s Kitchen, a nationally distributed, all-natural pasta sauce and condiment packaged foods company. Earlier, he spearheaded the use of satellite technology in the 1988 presidential election. J.B. also served as Assistant to the President of New World Entertainment, the production company that produced The Wonder Years.  During high school, J.B. led his first entrepreneurial venture when he created a company with his father that became the first licensee of Pac-Man paraphernalia.

J.B. holds an MBA from Harvard and a B.A. from Tufts University.


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We have built a team with a diverse group of people from some of the top companies and universities in the world. We value relentless customer focus, creativity, results, optimism, humility and a team-first mindset. We are all in this to make the company successful.  We not only want to “do well”, but also “do good”, building services that save energy and help reduce the impact of climate change.

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