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EnerAllies Introduces Extreme Weather Adaptability

In 2018, the U.S. experienced 14 extreme weather events costing $91B. Extreme weather events are unpredictable, disruptive, chaotic and costly.

EnerAllies can help.

The Problem

Extreme weather events create havoc for businesses, customers and employees.

extreme weather event - hurricane


extreme weather event -flooding


extreme weather event - fire

Wild Fires

Extreme weather event - tornado


extreme weather event - heat wave

Heat Waves

extreme weather event - cold

Extreme Cold

In 2018 alone, extreme weather events caused $91 billion in losses across the United States, according to a February 2019 report by NOAH/NASA. Climate change experts suggest the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events could increase in coming years. Read the full NOAA/NASA Annual Global Analysis for 2018 here.

2018 extreme weather map of usa

Whether it’s a hurricane, flood, wildfire, tornado, cold weather front or heat wave, extreme weather events create havoc for businesses, customers and employees.

Store operations are disrupted, management is distracted, property damage is possible, and revenue is at risk. The comfort of customers and employees is compromised, and energy can be wasted or misapplied.


“January’s polar vortex challenged many stores within the PRB family. Making sure our pet parents, animal-care experts and pets were comfortable and safe was our highest priority. The Extreme Weather Adaptability tools that EnerAllies provides, coupled with their proactive approach, enabled us to be responsive and timely in protecting our stores during this severe weather event.”

VP, Procurement, Process, Improvement and Facilities
Pet Retail Brands, 2019

How can your business protect its customers, employees, critical assets and profits during extreme weather?

EnerAllies helps multi-site businesses manage their HVAC systems ahead of, during and after these severe events using our Extreme Weather Adaptability software tools. The patent-pending system helps companies proactively prepare for rapid and efficient responses to ensure comfort and/or minimize energy costs based on the uniqueness of each event.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help mitigate your risks and maximize your profits even when extreme weather events impact your business.

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