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How We Protect Your Revenue

EnerAllies delivers unique Comfort Protection technology to ensure your clientele stay longer and come back.

Customers demand comfort when shopping and dining – or they go somewhere else and never return. Retaining productive employees is a lot easier when site temperatures are comfortable.

Welcoming your customers with a pleasant temperature for their shopping or dining experience is key to building loyalty and return business.  And while online shopping is popular, “75 percent of retail business will still be driven by physical stores in 2022,” according to IHL Group, a global research and advisory firm for the retail and hospitality industries in a 2019 report.  And 85 percent of customers who bought online with in-store pickup say they made additional purchases while picking up their orders, according to Doddle’s survey of 2,000 customers.*  (Source:


“The more time one spends in a store the more he or she will buy… with every unplanned item a shopper chooses, her propensity to make more unplanned purchases increased.”

– American Marketing Association behavioral research study of 328 retail shoppers

Ignoring in-store comfort risks alienating loyal clientele & wiping out massive customer acquisition investments you’ve made.  Let EnerAllies help you protect your revenue by ensuring comfort for your clientele and employees.

55% of loyal customers recommend your business to family and friends, and 12% will publicly defend your company on social media.

– Accenture

“It costs 5x more to find new customers than it does to keep existing ones.”

– Invesp

Here’s how EnerAllies helps you protect and grow your revenue through Comfort Protection technology.

  • Protect your revenue with our unique comfort optimization software.   Our Comfort Protection algorithms ensure your clientele and employees will be comfortable, even while reducing energy use.
  • Enable your sites to adapt to regional comfort differences with local ‘feels-like’ schedule optimization.
  • Proactively avoid comfort complaints when seasons change with our regionally customized seasonal profiles.
  • Easily maintain comfort even with sudden wide fluctuations in outside temperatures.  Our algorithms use weather forecasts to automatically adjust set-points.