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How Businesses Can Offset the Cost of Inflation with Energy Savings

By June 14, 2022December 5th, 2022No Comments

We’re all feeling it: Gas prices are rising, food costs are going up, and people are suddenly finding they have less wiggle room in their monthly budgets. Inflation is occurring at its fastest rate in nearly 40 years.

But consumers aren’t the only ones feeling the squeeze; businesses are suffering major losses at the hands of inflation, and solutions to offset increased costs are few and far between.

EnerAllies offers an innovative, cost-effective solution in the form of a software-centric IoT platform for energy management. EnerAllies delivers impressive energy savings and an industry-leading payback in a matter of months by focusing on the largest controllable part of a business’s energy bill: air-conditioning and heating.

How Inflation is Affecting American Businesses

Having just gotten back on their feet after the blow dealt by the pandemic, businesses across the country are now struggling to stay afloat amidst rising costs. Industry leaders and staples of the American retail world are among those suffering the greatest losses due to inflation.

In May, Walmart suffered its biggest single-day loss since 1987, sinking 11% after the company cut its profit forecasts due to “inflationary pressures”, citing rising costs of fuel and food as the primary culprits.

Meanwhile, Home Depot warned investors of the damaging effects of inflation after its stock tumbled almost 30% through the first four months of the year. The company was benefiting from appreciating home values but warned that inflation could dampen profits.

As if those two giants of American retail weren’t enough to raise red flags, Target joined the party this spring as well. The retailer reported a 43% drop in operating income in Q1 of 2022, the equivalent of about $1 billion, citing skyrocketing fuel costs as the main culprit.

To make matters worse, natural gas prices in the U.S. have tripled over the past year, hitting their highest level in about 14 years, and coming right at the start of the air-conditioning season. Natural gas supplies 40% of the U.S. electric grid, and rising costs will be passed onto customers in the form of higher electricity bills from regulated utilities.

It’s safe to say that no American business is protected from the damaging effects of inflation, including energy inflation. As companies look to adapt to rising costs, managing energy usage offers one of the best ways to offset pressures from inflation.

Energy Savings Can Offer Quick, Easy, and Effective Cost Offsets

With businesses feeling the squeeze of increased costs, many companies are looking for creative solutions to combat the pressures of inflation. HVAC energy management solutions are an easy-to-implement method of cutting costs and increasing profit margins.

The issue, until recently, has been that many of the available energy management solutions for businesses with multiple locations are hardware-centric, complex systems that require a lot of training and take a long time to deliver any significant payback.

Businesses are looking for fast paybacks and an immediate solution to combat inflation pressures. There is a major need for commercial energy management solutions that are cash-positive within months, not years.

EnerAllies Offers the Solution for Businesses Looking to Save on Energy Costs

EnerAllies helps businesses capitalize on the opportunity to save huge amounts of money on HVAC costs.

EnerAllies designed a software-centric IoT platform for energy management that is purpose-built for light commercial businesses—typically those with multiple locations under 50,000 square feet. EnerAllies offers a much-needed solution for companies that want to save money on energy costs without an outlandish initial investment or a complex, difficult-to-use system.

The EnerAllies solution allows businesses to simultaneously control the thermostats of an unlimited number of locations at once through an easy-to-use software interface. EnerAllies offers companies an industry-leading payback in 6 months, with 200-300% or higher ROIs. Companies deploying the EnerAllies system typically see a 10%-15% reduction in their energy bills.

EnerAllies delivers its impressive payback metrics through a system that makes it astoundingly simple to control and automate set-point schedules for thousands of thermostats and rooftop HVAC units from a single software interface. In addition to offering complete control over thermostats, EnerAllies delivers equipment maintenance savings by providing early warning detection of performance degradation in HVAC systems. The EnerAllies solution arms its customers with real-time analytics and alerts so they can make data-driven business decisions about when to bring in service technicians to prevent expensive, catastrophic outages.

For businesses struggling with the challenges of the pandemic and inflation, the EnerAllies energy management solution is an investment that delivers huge savings and payback in a matter of months— a business no-brainer.